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Dear friends

Thank you for visiting Brackenhurst Methodist Church’s Website. Our prayer is that God will help us to live more balanced lives for God’s glory and our well-being. We continue to be church under the constrains of COVID – 19 lockdown rules. In God’s providence and the generosity and assistance of our members and friends we have been able to continue with many of our ministries since the beginning of the lockdown. I think here especially of our Pastoral Care and Outreach ministries. Helping our own as well as others in their time of need. We are indeed grateful!  


We are now ready to start meeting for Sunday Worship from the first Sunday in October (04/10/2020) at 07H45, 09H30 and 11H30. The 09H30 Services will include live – streaming via Facebook Page. Unless the rules pertaining to public meetings should change before October, we will put in place a system to make sure we adhere to all the current safety and other measurements. Please keep in touch via our Facebook Page and WhatsApp groups as to the latest news regarding the rules for attending Sunday Worship. Should you wish to be added to one of our WhatsApp groups please send a message to 0721501882. 


We continue to use the Bible Study/Devotional guide available on our Website with links available on our WhatsApp groups and Facebook Page. This guide includes brief daily devotions as well as information regarding Sunday Sermons.  


God bless and take care

Rev. Faan Myburgh