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Dear friends.

My prayer is that we may all hear God's voice of love and presence in the midst of all the challenges we are facing today. As a faith community we had to make some changes to how we 'do' church. And so, until a return to 'normal' is possible, the following is in place: 

1 On Sundays, available on YouTube, Facebook, website and WhatsApp (link to YouTube) from 08H00, you will find our pre-recorded video Sunday Services.

2 During May on the same channels you will find our daily, Mondays to Fridays, ten-minute pre-recorded video 8ïdevotions. Available from 06H00. 

3 At this stage we are not allowed to work from the church office neither can we meet on Sundays or at any other time or in any format. There will thus be no worship services or groups meeting at the church. There will be no Baptisms.

4 The only exception is funerals. As the Minister I can only get a permit to travel to church in the case of having to conduct a funeral. Further rules apply, like, no eats and tea allowed, and only 50 people in total may attend such a funeral. 

5 I may apply for a travel permit to attend to a very serious or emergency pastoral care need within the Brackenhurst / Brackendowns area. There is no guarantee that such a permit will be issued. 

Note that we are able to continue with our food parcels. The team dealing with that did do the necessary to be able to travel to church to pack and deliver. There is an increase in the amount of parcels we have to pack but a big thank you to all our people for their generous and committed regular financial giving making this possible. 

Banking Details

Methodist Church of Southern Africa  Brackenhurst


Branch code 252242 Bracken City

Account number: 59410009798

6 Although we are not meeting as usual, we continue to meet in other ways, namely, phone, YouTube, Facebook, Website and WhatsApp. This means that although we, especially those whose primary way of giving financially to the church was to put cash or one's envelope in the offering bag on Sunday, cannot do so anymore, we can now make a deposit into the church's bank account in the week following the Sunday service, or when convenient to do so. For your convenience herewith the church's bank account details. 

7 As soon as we are able to meet again on Sundays or the restrictions on social distancing are lifted or reviewed, we will let everybody know. We are encouraging all our people to do everything possible to stay safe and save people's lives. We encourage everybody to adhere to the measurements put in place to save lives. 

8 Last but not least we are working on our devotional guide, Discover a Balanced Life, for June and beyond so that it may be available. Note also that we have not yet received the new Faith for Daily Living. 

I do hope that is helpful. We do indeed continue to pray for things to get back to 'normal' (even if it is a new normal) soon so that we can meet again on Sundays and in other ways and on other days too! We do so knowing that our lives are in God's hands and we are indeed deeply embraced by God's love and care. 


May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the unity of the Holy Spirit be with us all for evermore!