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About us


Thank you for your visit to our website and church. We are a faith community made up of  Christ followers from all walks of life sharing with each other and the world our unique experiences of Jesus: There is more than one way to tell the Jesus story! We all share in the Vision: ‘To go, in faith, beyond boundaries’ and Mission: ‘Discipleship through Devotion, Community and Service.

One can get stuck in one’s faith and/or life in ways that may stand in the way of authentic reconciliation with God, others and even one-self. Jesus invites us to keep on going beyond where we currently are so that we may experience life the way Jesus envisaged for us to have.  

As a faith community we share in the Methodist Church of Southern-Africa’s ethos. We subscribe to the Vision: A Christ-healed Africa for the healing of the nations. We believe we are called to share more deeply God’s passion for healing and transformation in all spheres of life. We continue to search for and implement a deepened spirituality, to do justice and service, to evangelise and grow, and to empower and offer opportunities for development for the dignity of all.     

The rest of this website is dedicated to inform and give visibility to our life together as a local church situated in Brackenhurst. You are invited to go through all the various links. You will find that when we put all our ministries together we are indeed about discipleship through devotion, community and service! Our prayer is that in the midst of all the confusion and noise of this world you may come to know how to follow the way of Jesus for peace, joy and love and thus the life that is given as a gift through God’s grace and by faith in the power of the Holy Spirit.

God bless and take care

From all of us at Brackenhurst Methodist Church!