Jul 3, 2019, 2:38 PM
BLOG#FIVE JULY 2019 I have discovered that for some people ‘life in the Holy Spirit’ is difficult to understand and perhaps more difficult to embrace. For me life in the Spirit is simply a life following Jesus. The more we embrace Jesus and his teachings and his ministry and their consequences for our lives the more likely we are to experience or know life in the Spirit. What gives me the confidence that I am God’s child is that I can see the fruit of the Spirit growing in me. Perhaps one of the things we struggle with is that in the Bible life in the Spirit is often seen in opposition to ‘life in the Law’ and this is linked with ‘life in the flesh.’ (See for instance Galatians chapter five) Trying to understand this I think that as people who are prone to fall into life in the flesh. As a result it was and still is necessary to make laws to curb our behaviour for it can destroy others. However life in the Spirit does not need such laws for it is based on what is good not just for ourselves but for others too. Nothing is needed to curb such behaviour for it makes me someone who matters for other people for in living the fruit of the Spirit I can bring life to others too. Life in the flesh or Law (for instance, when we try to base our relationship with God completely and only on how good we are in keeping the Ten Commandments) we are only made aware how even in adhering to all of it we can still be far away from a life that may give life to others. But it is in being filled with joy, working for peace, being faithful, being patient and so on that we start living not just for ourselves but for others too. Then I am called a child of God and this is the work of the Holy Spirit as I follow Jesus.
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