The Importance of Fellowship


The Importance of Fellowship

I have often thought of the meaning of fellowship as we may experience it in the church.  To some, it seems to me, it is nothing more than having a cup of tea with like-minded people after the Sunday service. To others it is about meeting for one or other fellowship event other than our meeting on Sundays. For others it is about being in a small group that meets regularly and in which friendships are formed and carried.  Whatever we may think fellowship is about it is clear that it is an important part of what it means to be church.

Perhaps meeting with one another at the Holy Communion service is what fellowship is about. Where Jesus meets with us and us with one another as those who belong to Jesus as we go through the Holy Communion Service.  Fellowship, I think, has to do with building relationships characterised by love and acceptance and encouragement and many other things. However, the point I want to make is that fellowship starts somewhere – and sometimes it starts at having tea with strangers after the Sunday Service! This is why it is necessary that we do all we can to attend the ‘fellowship’ events and opportunities for fellowship in the local church. I know that sometimes we don’t really like other people too much – especially those who are very different than us. However, if there is one thing about fellowship I have learned from Jesus it is that it is also about reaching out to and building relationships with those who are different than me. At first the differences may lead to a sense of awkward-ness but that will disappear soon. I have seen people becoming friends – who at first had nothing to say to one another! I have seen people who were once strangers encouraging and assisting each other when help is needed. In have seen people who were once strangers to God coming to know Jesus and love him and his people! I have seen people carried and encouraged by friends they have come to know at church through their difficult times. Don’t tell me fellowship does not matter! 

It is through building our fellowship that we will build other parts of the church.  Without support for those, seemingly, unimportant fellowship opportunities and events, the church can never be church in the full sense of the word.

God bless and take care      

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