Understanding Prayer


Understanding Prayer

It is, perhaps, true to say that very often we can limit our understanding of prayer by only praying very specific kinds of prayer. The best known is when we pray for our immediate and long term needs, whether they are emotional, financial or when we find ourselves in a crisis. These prayers are important and it is right that we do pray for God’s intervention.

However, it is important to know that prayer is also about connecting with God in a way that we may know God and ourselves. For this we enter into prayer that can best be described as meditative: In humility we come to God so that we can know that our lives are only meaningful in so far as our lives are orientated toward God. In prayer we thus acknowledge who God is and who we are and we see ourselves for who we are: Without God we are nothing.

In God we can acknowledge that we are God’s children. This kind of prayer is done by simply trying to be still in God’s presence. To escape all the noise of our very busy lives even if for just a moment to rest in God’s presence. To be in a place where it is quiet and to simply lift our hearts and minds to God who is present without saying or asking too much. How is your prayer life? If you are struggling with your prayer life, and if you so wish, send an email to our office and we will make an appointment to explore this with you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short reflection on one aspect of prayer.

God bless.    





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