Hello everyone

I want to publicly give God all the glory for our healing service on the 24th June. The presence of the Lord was felt very strongly and I am overwhelmed by His power and gentleness at the same time. The worship was incredible and we had a very special time praying for our congregants. We had a great turnup - over 30 people - so grateful to all who came along. I know you were all blessed. Thank you to one and all who supported the evening in any way. Daryl Fleetwood.



Just want to say first of all - a very big thank you to all those who came to the Healing service on the 18th November and to everyone who helped in and for the service. We had a wonderful evening - the worship was such a delight. The sharing from Charmaine - always very deep and Spirit-led. Thank you to Debs Rudling who shared her testimony with such depth of feeling - I know it touched a lot of people - it certainly touched me. We serve an incredible God and we often forget to let people know that.  Blessings to our congregants who came forward for prayer and I know that God moved in a very special way - for each and everyone who came forward to have a touch and a Word from God.  To end - I pray that you all have a blessed Christmas - an enjoyable New Year celebration and that we all come back next year - refreshed and ready for service.

Lots of love

Daryl-ann Fleetwood.

















Glory to God in the Highest - what is man that You are so minful of us??? Thank you Lord for Your presence last night at the Healing service. Thank you for Your annointing.  I know that You were leading us from the outset and Your Hand was upon each person that was in the sanctuary last night. My heart was filled to overflowing - I could have danced on the rooftops - Your mercy and grace is overflowing! Where there is darkness - the light of Christ will always shine - as we read His Word and act upon His Word in our lives - His light will only grow stronger and brighter in our lives. I want to thank each one that is involved in the Healing service in any way - I appreciate each one of you so very much. Thank you too for each one that came to the service - I know that you were touched by God - thank you for your support. I pray that each one that came up for prayer had a very special experience with our Lord. He is our Healer.


Hello everyone

I just want to give all the praise and glory to our God for the last healing service we did on the 19th May - It was also Aldergate Sunday and there was a definite warming of our hearts that evening. Faan brought his testimony and it touched many hearts, including mine. We also had a teaching about love brought into the testimony - as we were still busy with our love series. We had many people coming up for prayer and God moved in a very powerful way - with the Holy Spirit manifesting in different ways and every person that came up was touched in a special way. I want to thank everyone that attends the Healing service and I also want to thank my team for all their dedication - their commitment and their zeal in their service to the Lord.

Blessings to you all

Daryl-ann Fleetwod ( in His service )



By His stripes we are healed". Come to Me - all who are weary and heavily burdened - and I will give you rest"

Do you need a touch from God? Do you need Him to minister to you personally? Do you need to come and sit at His feet in the quietness of the sanctuary?

Come to the Healing service on the 18th August at 17.30pm and you can experience the glory of God. Charmaine brings a word straight from the heart of God and the worship songs will lift you up - as you worship the King of Kings. Come and experience God's healing power - as you come forward for prayer. Put your love in action and bring a friend to the service - so they can see and experience the love of God personally.

Blessings: Daryl-ann Fleetwood


Hello everyone'

It is with such a grateful heart I speak to you today - last night at the Healing service - we had such a powerful ( electrifying ) presence of the Holy Spirit - with such a heavy presence of peace. We give God the glory! Thank you to each one that came to the service - without you there - we could not have a service. Bless you for supporting us and allowing us to serve you in this special way. Thank you team - for your support and your vulnerability - in allowing God to use you in His service.  I pray that the message of hope that was brought by Charmaine - would linger long in your hearts and help you to overcome the "holes" in your lives.


Daryl Fleetwood



Hello everyone

I am so in awe of what happened in our healing service last night. I
just want to give all the glory and honour to God. His presence and
annointing were felt by all and He touched in His special way - with
such love and tenderness. I want to add a testimony to this - written by
Charmaine and experienced by the whole team. During the presentation-
Charmaine was supposed to lift the cross, lock it in and press the 2
prong plug in to switch the lights on. She was struggling with the plug
whilst setting this up, the prongs had to go in by force. This is what
happened during the service. Quote - "As I lifted the cross, the lights
just switched on. I was a little surprised and I thought, okay, well,
fine! At the end of the service, Annalie came to me and said, she was
really impressed with the fact, that I could lift the cross, bolt the
cross and switch on the lights, all in one fluid movement. I thought
that was pretty incredible, so I went to the display to look, and the
lights were still flickering, so I looked at the plug and realized that
the lights were not properly plugged in. The prongs were lying askew!! I
called Annelie to see this and she confirmed this and we called several
of the team and they all saw the same thing -  Daryl pointed out too -
that she was also hugely impressed - when she saw the cross being lifted
up and the lights came on immediately! I want to add to this - when we
are obedient to the call of God and do what He says in our calling - we
will experience the supernatural!

I just want to say - thank you to each one in the team for their
dedicated service - throughout the year and to everyone who has
supported and attended the Healing services in the year.

Yours always - in His service

Daryl-ann Fleetwood