Our prophetic ministry: Being Holy and Blameless as God’s children


Readings: Amos 7: 7 – 15, Ephesians 1: 3 0 14 and Mark 6: 14 – 29

Our prophetic ministry: Being Holy and Blameless as God’s children

“Gracious and holy God, we thank you for having made us your children

Help us to at all time live as your children in this world with its many problems so that we are witness to your holiness


There is something satisfying in being able to say; “I told you so!” One of the privileges of living as a Christian in this world is to exercise a prophetic ministry: To speak and act against injustices and unfairness, amongst other. It is like saying to others that if we don’t change our ways and follow more closely God’s way there will be consequences and these consequences may not always be good. Yes, being able to say after the fact, “I told you so!”

There are two ways of being Christian in this world: One is to better oneself through one’s own effort and then call upon the world God’s curse and judgment or second, identifying with the struggles and pain of the world and call upon it God’s mercy and blessing. It can be from either above or from below. So often when we think of the ministry of prophecy we think of being like the first kind. However, we are called to be prophetic precisely because we are living in this world – a deep sharing with its pain and struggles because we too are caught up in them.

However, even though we live in this world and share in it we are also at the same time called to be different – otherwise how would we know what is wrong and thus what we need to speak and act against? We are to live as God’s children and that as holy and blameless before God.

As children of God we have inherited through Jesus the following from God: Repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation and new life. To live holy and blameless before God is to embrace these gifts as something taking root deep within our heart. We can keep it on the outside, as it were as though they were some principles we have to live by but which can be used when useful or discarded when they are in the way.  The great tragedy for us is to discover one day that we have been untrue not to some outside norm imposed upon us but untrue to who we are as children of God and thus what we have been give through Christ. He is our plumb-line, if you will. We can squander our inheritance like the prodigal son did. We must remember that we are God’s children – and this is not something that gives us some spiritual superiority but indeed may challenge us deeply and ask of us a great sacrifice.

Living as God’s children – having been redeemed we live good lives although as children we may still struggle with many things – sharing in the turmoil and pain of this world in which we live in. This is our prophetic ministry: showing to all the possibility of a different way of life away from the principles this world lives by which may often be against the will of God.  As prophets we do not live in ‘doom and gloom,’ but live as children of God – exposed to that which is good and life-giving brought about by repentance, forgiveness and new life in Christ. This is something that comes from deep inside of us – a matter of the heart and not something we adhere to because we are told to and if we don’t something bad will happen to us.

Exercising our prophetic ministry – and all Christians are called to this ministry although some will have a special focus on this ministry – we simply live out our inheritance with and amidst people like ourselves – sharing deeply in their pain and hurt but living in a way that brings about redemption of others too: If we have to say “I told you so!’ we may have failed in our prophetic task.

“Gracious and Holy God, we implore you to help us to live in this world as your children. Help us to as your children live holy and blameless before you by helping us to live everyday a little bit more like Jesus did. Help us not to squander what you have given to us through Jesus but to make it a matter of the heart. The Lord, we may live in ways that will help others to also turn their lives around and become your children. There is now no condemnation for those who are your children in Christ.


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